【Shibbysay HFO】 Association


[FFF4M] HFO Association [Script Fill][Gentle Fdom][Hypnosis][HFO/JOE][Series][Beach][Vacation] [Affectionate][Stewardesses][Blowjob][Conditioning][Clench][Countdowns][Aftercare] [Long Length][Haptic][Binaurals]

Association is quite simple really, and yet it can be so incredibly rewarding. The idea that you can see, hear, smell, touch or even just think of something, anything at all, and your mind will form a connection to it -a Proustian Rush. In this file I gently tweak and rearrange those connections, creating a new set of positive associations in your mind. To make you sink deeper… To make you feel pleasure… To make you simply drool, in anticipation of what will come next.

This time however I won’t be pushing any limits, in fact, quite the opposite. Today I take you off on a far flung journey towards a tropical island, across a glistening sea that stretches all the way out to the horizon. Guided down to a peaceful and secluded beach, where the waves gently lap ashore. Here you catch the eyes of three gorgeous women – naked and divine. They sashay towards you, surrounding you, until they have you captivated in their hands.

This file, lovingly written by broken, is a continuation of my long running HFO Indoctrination Series. Although similar in style to “HFO Seduction”, and in part inspired by “HFO Fractionation” – this file can still stand alone. However, it is much stronger in effect if you have listened to the rest of the series, as it once again uses many of the triggers both overtly and covertly. 

I can’t wait to get started. Enjoy!


This file is almost an hour long, and although it is a HFO file, in keeping with tradition there will of course still be a final bit of fun to squeeze out each and every drop at the very end. 

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