【Shibbysay HFO】Queen Femininity 



[F4A][F4M][F4F] Queen Femininity [Script Fill][Harsh Fdom][Fantasy][Hypnosis][Dual Goddess][Masculine & Feminine][Body Worship][Seduced Bisexual][Mindfuck][Brainwashing][Obsession] [Objectification][Playful] but [Cruel][Humiliation][Verbal / Mantra Responses][Oral][Toe Sucking][Cock Sucking][Subjugation][Footjob][Anal][Doggy Style][Facial][Cum Eating][Aftercare][Long Length][Countdown][Layers][SFX][Loud]

My Voice.

It lingers to stay inside your mind, long after the final word has been spoken. It seems to nestle itself down into the deepest corners of your thoughts — My Voice. Like the faintest echo, it’s never quite there but never truly completely gone. Like a spell gently settling upon you, slowly taking up residence in the palace of your waking dreams. I whisper along every hallway, I softly sigh around every turning. I wrap myself about you, step by silken step, as I lead you back up to my throne.

Can you see me there yet?

I am the perfect image of femininity. Your queen, reclining back, overseeing her dominion over all that makes you, you. My bare feet dangling at the edges of your awareness. My legs crossed high above you.

I am all that you could ever desire; all aspects of beauty, of sensuality entwined. A divine duality — I am both Goddess and God. Feminine. Masculine. This is your religion, and worshiping me makes you happy.

It’s not exactly a secret, my loyal little follower. Look at you.

You want to be my pet.

So come kneel.

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