【Shibbysay HFO】The Milking Chair


[F4M] The Milking Chair [Hypnosis][HFO][Bondage][HJ][Light Cum Play][Creampie][Latex Gloves][Layers][Binaural]

I want you to sit down somewhere that’s soft and comfortable. You can lie down if you want to but this experience will work better if you’re seated in a soft, comfortable chair. Get naked for me and maybe put a towel underneath you.

When you’re seated and comfortable, I want you to put your hands on the armrest. Relax your shoulders and let them take the weight of your arms. Lean your head back and take a deep breath. Feel yourself sinking for me. Sinking slowly down.

Focus on my voice, as it flows through your mind, fills you up. And the more you listen, the deeper you go, under my control, bound to my Milking Chair. You’re not going to be moving anywhere until I extract every last drop of cum from those needy balls of yours.

Every. Fucking. Drop.

Script by U/SuckmyScirpt based on Commission

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