【Shibbysay HFO-FFF4M】Take Your Medicine

[FFF4M] Take Your Medicine [Hypnosis] [Multiple HFO] [Brainwashing] [EXTREME] [Rape] [Drugged] [CEI] [Doctor] [Nurse] [Patient] [Latex] [Rubber] [Buttplug] [Condom] [Lobotomy] [Threats] [Mindfucked] [Manipulation] [Surgery] [Scalpel] [Needle] [ASMR] [Whispering] [Bondage] [Femdom] [Snaps] [Triggers] [All the SFX] [Binaurals] [Layers]


Before we do anything. Let me start out with a disclaimer. This file isn’t like my others. It’s a little rougher. The subject matter is dark, descriptive, and a little dangerous. If that doesn’t sit well with you. I suggest you stop reading now. This is a file for all my sluts that truly can’t help themselves. And I wouldn’t want anybody to be enticed in that wasn’t prepared to be mindfucked beyond their wildest imaginations..

Still reading? Good boy. Do you ever think about why you’re like this? Why is it that my warning you against listening only makes you want to listen more? Flirting with danger can be fun. I get that… but it can also leave you in some precarious situations…

Make sure you have a glass of water beside you before listening and put a condom on your cock.

You’ve booked an appointment at the New Foundation for Experimental Scientific Research; headed up by the visionary Doctor Shibby. When you learned of her previous peer reviewed revolutionary research you felt compelled to offer yourself to science. A worthy cause for the Doctor, who will let nothing get in her way from successful Chip implantation. Even if it means breaking her patient in the process.

A true magnum opus of kinky collaboration written by broken and Alz.

Lie down, relax.

Fall off to sleep, the procedure is going to take a very long time, but I know you’re going to be such a willing patient for me.

But most of all, take a sip of the water and don’t forget to Take Your Medicine!

Due to valuable feedback during the beta, some tweaks have been made to the final version:

– Lowered the robotic effect levels and kept my pure voice during brainwashing phases

– Lowered SFX of the milking device throughout

– Increased the levels of the Doctor and Nurse at some sections so the audio doesn’t get lost 

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