[F4M] Brain Squeeze 


[F4M] Brain Squeeze [Hypnosis][HFO][No Wakener][Latex][ASMR][Post Hypnotic Suggestions][Bondage][Pegging][Prostate Play][SFX][Haptics][Mindfuck]

I’m going to make you beg yourself over the edge as you Surge in a hands free orgasm

Ensure that you are completely naked, or in loose clothing and ready to strip off. You will be instructed to lie down on your bed; optionally face down. Make sure that you will not be disturbed or overheard for the duration, and also give yourself a little bit of time after our session to clean up, and settle back into normalcy. If you wish to use a toy – such as a prostate massager or butt plug – make sure it is already in before you start. Warning: do not shove anything that could hurt you or get stuck up there.

 Listen at your own risk.

 Follow along to the instructions given, and simply relax, and let my voice guide your thoughts.

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