[F4M] Your Girlfriend Has Been Reading Your Scripts


[F4M] Your Girlfriend Has Been Reading Your Scripts [GFE][Hypnosis][FDom][Dirty Talk][Teasing] you about your new hobby writing GWA scripts [Chastity][Bondage] Is she really going to make you her [Slaveboy] or just dump you?

This is a bit of a meta-script written by u/ScriptDoctorNick who has given me permission to hold this file back for patrons for a bit. You, the listener, my boyfriend, have taken up writing Fdom scripts for GWA, and I’ve stumbled across them and found out all your secret desires.

Am I turned on by your kinks and excited to indulge them? Or pissed off that you’ve been doing this behind my back? It doesn’t matter! Because you’ve written one script called “Your Girlfriend Has Been Reading Your Scripts,” in which the girlfriend finds out that her boyfriend/husband has yada yada yada …

So of course I decide to record it! Per your script, I then spring it on you by tying you up in bed, blindfolding you, and slipping in some earbuds … leaving you helpless to hear your own words … teasing you about how I either might be really, really into being your Mistress, or now leaving you forever because you’re more open with pervs on the internet than you are with me.

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