Futa Abduction 2: Transformation


The second part and long awaited return to my “Futa Abduction” series, collaborating my ideas and voice once more with u/ShadowedScripts scintillating writing; it’s time again for you to be taken!

You are accepted…

You will remember…

My sisters have decided.

You will be prepared for service, for Futa cock. Prepared to receive your purpose, your changes, to be remade in our image. Prepared to serve a better purpose, to carry our genetic material, our offspring. Prepared for use, as a breeder, as a slave.

Will you comply, and embrace your destiny?

Audio Info

File TypefullAudio Typeaudio/mpegEffectsCountdowns, Layers, Echoes, SFXBackgroundBinaurals


Countdown Hypnosis Relaxation Moans Whispers Verbal Response Brainwashing Trigger Reinforcement Tingle Adventure Obedience Nipply Big Tits My Pet Light Name Calling Surrender Conditioning Stripping Anal Binaurals Dirty Talk Layers Transformation Roleplay Script Fill Amnesia Fantasy Kidnapping Telepathy Maid My Slut Futa Reward Fucking Machine SFX JOE My Toy Begging Series Breeding Medium Length Sci-Fi Slave | Slavery Gender Transformation Owner | Ownership Impregnation Talk Rules Mantras Space Control Loss Shrinking Strip HFO Fdom

Hypnosis Style: Story-Like, Transformative

LevelAdvancedInductionStory Begins, Conversational Intro / Instructions, Abduction{ Eyes Closed, Relaxation, *Mantra / “You Will Comply”, Kinesthetic, Floating Upwards / Dizziness & Warmth, Focusing / Counting Down, Building Pleasure & Arousal, Control Loss, *Mantras }, Short LengthDeepenerNoneBodyRules, Verbal Responses, Quick Trigger Snap, Stripping, Reinforcing Trigger < Comply < Receive, Conversation, On Genetic Defects, Visualisation, Gene Therapy Chamber, Pink Nanite Mist / Tingles, Female Body Transformation{Anal / Fucking Machine, Dialling Penetration / Building Arousal, Shrinking Stature, New-Womb, Shrinking Cock, Mantras / Breeder, Making you HFO, New-Vagina}, Amnesia, Story EndsWakenerYesAftercareNo

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