SHIBBYSAY HFO- Brainwashing Loop

When I am finally done with you, it will be so easy for you to simply cum on command. To ejaculate whenever I say. You see, in this loop I’m going to train you. I’m going to layer my voice to the vibrations, track by track, and trigger by trigger, until I make you release for me. Till the vibing pulsing rhythms break all resistance down, and you succumb to my control over you.

I hope you’re ready to begin.

Have you stripped naked for me? —

Have your toys ready, and charged?

Good Boy.

Now, I want you to lay back, close your eyes, and imagine me, all of me, right there with you. Let your thoughts coalesce on that, the naked imagery of me, of us, together. Fuck… Just let yourself run wild. Fantasize.

I command your full attention, slut, and I demand you give it to me — literally. I know you secretly crave me, so crave me. Let all those naughty kinky lusts take over. Think up all those pleasurable notions, and set them in fucking motion… Fixate on them. Fixate on me.

And when you surrender those thoughts up to me, and your eyes finally close tight… Then and only then, you can press play, my little puppet.


“HFO Brainwashing Loop” is intended to be used with a vibrating toy, and was designed for haptic integration and carefully scripted vibrations. It includes haptic support on release, for either prostate massagers or cock rings.

If you wish to use a toy make sure it is both fully charged, and properly inserted before you start, and I’ll allow you to enjoy haptic rhythms as we go through this together.


Do not shove anything that could hurt you or get stuck up there.


Since this was kindly requested by a listener, I’ve also decided to alter some parts in order to make a trans version available — Sorry loves, but it still mentions having a penis, however it now uses female pronouns and terms like ‘Good Girl’ instead.


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