[Shibbysay HFO -F4M] The Big Bang 


[F4M] The Big Bang [Hypnosis][HFO][Beginner Friendly][Affectionate][ASMR][Whispers][Pleasure][Snaps][Layers][Binaurals][Music]

Relax for me, you are a Good Submissive.

Settle yourself down in a quiet, comfy spot and and allow yourself to drift down into subspace.

See a rope within your mind. Knots every foot or so, stretching deep into the blank void inside your mind. Inside is trance. Inside is submission. A pit, endless, you can always go deeper. With every number you feel yourself grabbing a knot and pulling yourself deeper down, deeper and deeper with every knot. Until it slips through your fingertips and let go, letting yourself fall into into this feeling. You know you can trust me. 

For many submissives simply going down into a tranced state can make them aroused. It’s all so very sexy to be mindcontrolled, brainwashed, conditioned. A strong woman taking control, owning you.

Bundle up all those stray thoughts into a bright brilliant place where these sensations will grow and grow until it is a pressure that cannot be contained, that your mind must release in Pure Pleasure.

We’re going to create something wonderful together.

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