[SHIBBYSAY HFO] Fractionation


Another file in my series, “HFO Indoctrination”. I’m going to use blowjobs to fuck with your head. Make you feel it in your mind, another slave.. a sexy female under my power. Using her lips and mouth at my command to take you down as she goes down on you.

Every time her lips touching the base of your shaft your mind will blank out in pleasure. In trance. Every time her lips coming off of your cock, your mind will slowly wake up… knowing only the loss of the intense pleasure, so that you are only too happy to be compliant and to go back down into trance for me again as her lips cover your cock once more, dipping down, dropping you down.

Again. And again. Over and over as your mind starts to fracture from the insanity overwhelming your mind as my voice cruelly forces her to pull her luscious lips off of you, before making her go down once more, eagerly tasting you and wanting nothing more then to make you cum. Cum for her. Cum for me. Cum.

Worried about the post hypnotic suggestions? Go check my post under kinkyshibby on reddit for the spoilers.

You can now listen to “HFO Fractionation” with a scripted vibrating toy!
Haptic support for this file was sponsored by sporkyz, and designed for the lovense gush.

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