[F4M] Reverse Hypnotherapy


[F4M] Reverse Hypnotherapy [Don’t think about cock][I know it’s HARD][Bisexual Brainwashing][Feminization][Humiliation][Name Calling][Cocksucker][Take it up your ass][Bad Therapist][Fdom][Hypnosis][Script Fill for u/SuckMyScript][Haptics][Binaurals]

Feel My presence. Real and intense as I take you under for a very special session.

My lips will move and your body will shudder as you respect my power.

I have a lot of clients like yourself. Who are obsessed with… Cock.

Who can’t stop fantasizing about cock.

This fun little Script was offered to me by u/SuckMyScript

Haptics integration and recommended toy for this file can be found on My Shibbydex or you can use this mega Link  

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